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Artiste Clinics

We are absolutely delighted to announce our new Partnership for Miss and Mr Diamond International 2020 is Artiste Clinics in Brisbane!

Artiste was created in 2019 by Nicole, and has been the perfect beauty retreat for all woman and men of the western suburbs ever since! Artiste's is run by 4 unique woman with a strong leader, together we want to empower and strengthen your confidence in who you are and who you want to be. We believe in your inner beauty and we want that to shine, our passion is for skin and we can get your skin whipped into shape in seconds, need anything else? we have your lashes, brows and hair removal sorted too ! - our priority is you, so let us be your secret weapon.



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Kayley Couture

Kayley Couture is one of the fastest growing and newest handmade online clothing stores for little girls.

Based from Gold Coast, Australia this small business was established last October, 2019.

Jen, the owner and founder of KC (Kayley Couture) is a stay-at-home mum who loves vintage fashion and online shopping.

"From a career woman working 8 to 5, I struggled to being a stay-at-home mother to my kids. When I got pregnant with my second girl, I found online shopping so fun and convenient. I love fashion and I noticed that there were usually just the same style of dresses and same fabrics available in many shops. I love dressing up my little girl Elisha Kayley, and that is when I decided to start my own brand which is Kayley Couture.

I am picky with what my kids wear and I would not sell anything that I won't let my girl wear.

All our clothes were made to the highest quality. Each dress was carefully designed and fabrics were premium quality and handpicked.

KC pretties are handmade and are prewashed. We want to make sure our clothes will last, clothing to wear and love, to then pass on to the next generation to follow.

I pick and collaborate the designs with my business partner and the dresses are handcrafted in the Philippines.

My goal is to make sure that your little girl will feel special by wearing beautiful handmade dresses. I believe every girl is a princess and my dream is to see a lot of princesses wearing KC."



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Slim Secrets

We are absolutely delighted to announce our prize sponsor for this year is the amazing Slim Secrets, all of our MDI finalists will be given some of these amazing products at the finals as well as our VIP guests - these are the Miss Diamond teams personal favorite!! coming to a goodie bag near you soon!!





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Cora’s Crayons

We are absolutely delighted to announce our new Sponsor for Miss and Mr Diamond International 2020 is Cora's Crayons! 

Cora’s Crayons create beautifully handmade custom Non-toxic crayons for every occasion! Perfect as party favors or as unique gifts. 


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Diamond Dust

Sponsoring Miss & Mr Diamond International is our very own Diamond Dust

"Diamond Dust was created by Morgan and Charlie as a luxury brand of innovative beauty products. Keep an eye out as more and more amazing products are added to this exclusive collection."




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Coral Eve Swimwear

Announcing a very exciting sponsorship for Miss & Mr Diamond Internationall 2020 Coral Eve Swimwear

"Coral Eve is a passion project of Coralee Mary, a 24 year old mum who just couldn't find the Swimwear she wanted - matching for the entire family, with unique prints and inclusive sizing.

So Coral Eve Swimwear was born. Featuring prints designed by Coralee as well as other Australian Artists. The prints are available in women's, men's and children's sizes so the entire family can match, or mix if that's what you prefer!

Each swimsuit is made to order at the warehouse and then shipped directly to your door."


Coral Eve Swimwear

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