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A new Royal Court for 2019

Full results - Congratulations to everyone:-

Mini:- Miss Mini Diamond Australia 2019 - Montana Laredo Miss Ruby - Eva Navasardyan Miss Sapphire - Michelle Lung Miss Emerald - Jordyn Brown Miss Amethyst - Eve Spence

Junior:- Miss Junior Diamond Australia 2019 - Serenity Charles Miss Ruby - Zoë Bruce Miss Sapphire - Tia Muller Miss Emerald - Isabelle Kratz Miss Amethyst - Nicky Dowling

Junior Teen:- Miss Junior Teen Diamond Australia 2019 - Helena Ristevski Miss Ruby - Jessica Appleby Miss Sapphire - Paige Witzerman Miss Emerald - Abbie Gibblin-Lloyd Miss Amethyst - Destiny Wilson-Scott

Teen:- Miss Teen Diamond Australia 2019 - Arundhati Banerjee Miss Ruby - Hannah Hudson Miss Sapphire - Josaphine Hikario Miss Emerald - Siarne Browning Miss Amethyst - Sophie Jackson

Abbie Freeman was Miss Ruby but was pulled for the higher title of the Miss Charity Award

Miss:- Miss Diamond Australia 2019 - Brooke Cochrane Miss Ruby - Emily Martin Miss Sapphire - Manisha Gautam Miss Emerald - Shaminder Kaur Miss Amethyst - Taylor Beautel

Classic:- Miss Classic Diamond Australia 2019 - Morgan Sisalio Miss Ruby - Bandhan Sidhu Miss Sapphire - Kristina V Herreen Miss Emerald - Wei Tan Miss Amethyst - Jess Ami

Mr:- Mr Diamond Australia 2019 - Jordon Geoffrey King Mr Ruby - Pav Singh Mr Sapphire - Rory Hogan Mr Emerald - Jackson Landry Mr Amethyst - Dee

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