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#1 Best National Pageant Director of 2018

1. Miss and Mr. Diamond Australia

Topping our list as the Best National Pageant Director of 2018 are the directors for Miss and Mr. Diamond Australia, Charlie and Morgan. As the directors of Miss and Mr. Diamond Australia, they have been able to build up their pageant program through celebrating the beauty and diversity of every individual. This unique system is an inclusive one, representing men and women of all ages. It’s primary purpose is to give its contestants a platform to raise awareness about causes close to their heart, and no doubt, its directors have a huge part in fostering that sense of community service and leadership.

“Absolutely amazing,” one review says. “Charlie and Morgan are super [organized] and fantastic at what they do. They deliver a quality pageant that's suitable for everyone from all walks of life. I truly believe my autistic daughter would not be who she is today if it weren't for the confidence instilled in her during her time im MDA18”

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