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Official Sponsor - Jordan Hewitt

We are THRILLED to announce an incredible sponsor for MDA19 - Jordan Hewitt Formal Wear.

We are just SOOO excited to announce that the winner of the Miss Category will win a whopping $1000 to choose a dress! How amazing is that!!

Be sure to give them a like Jordan Hewitt Co.

Head to their website to see their simply stunning australian made designs -

Jordan Hewitt Formal Wear started with family members being 3 generations talking about fashion and their passion to make exquisite quality formal wear for Australian Women due to so many complaints about when you brought on line it looked great but when it arrived it didn’t fit and the material was cheap. Josephine, Dea and the two granddaughters decided to start Jordan Hewitt Fashion House to meet the needs of the Australian Women of all sizes and age. Our mission is to make clothes for everyone no matter how old or size or shape in quality material made by Australians because we are proud to be Australian. The family business commenced 2017 in the back of their Grandmothers Atlantic Real Estate business in Ipswich Queensland.

The company is run by our Director and Co-Founder Josephine Garner, Dea Holidge, Granddaughters Sarah and Alexis Garner – Jordan our grandson also has his say. He will tell you he owns Jordan Hewitt Formal Wear.

A grandmother of 3 Josephine with her family is creating a legacy that the family can be proud of an participate in. It is a great experience for all to be able to communicate and work together as a team and family. Starting the formal wear company is a great leap of faith towards the Australian Women who we look to support us over the coming years

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