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Morgan Mancini Voted 4th in the Top 10 National Pageant Directors of 2017

4. Morgan Mancini, Miss Diamond Australia

Morgan Mancini has one of the biggest hearts of any director. The organization was founded in 2013, making it still relatively new. However, the pageant and its leadership are already changing industry standards.

Mancini and her team founded the pageant with a mission to celebrate the diversity and beauty of every woman. There are absolutely no restrictions to compete. Zero. Having already made such an impact, Mancini is set to revolutionize the pageant world.

“I would like to nominate Miss Diamond Australia and Morgan for the amazing pageant and system she has created, her dedication and utmost care for all contestants and their families,” said one nominator.

“This truly is a special pageant, you become one of the family and the icebreaker party ensures you make life long friends. Morgan is always available for any questions you have. The inclusion of diversity is a game changer and many other pageants should take notice and follow suit.

Well done Miss Diamond Australia you really are the best of the best.”

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