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Charity of the Week - Cleftpals QLD

Miss Diamond Australia - Charity of the Week Feature

Cleftpals QLD

Chosen charity of Cheyanne - Teen Cateogry

My name is Chyanne and i'm 14 years old and in Teen Category. My chosen charity is the Cleftpals QLD

Cleftpals QLD is a organization that support families with children with a cleft. They help these with support, monthly outing, feeding bottles and information about what to expect with a cleft babies. There is little know about this organization or awareness for people born with this.

The reason why i choose this charity is because i was born like this and i would love to build awareness of this condition. I have had 30 surgeries, i'm on my 3 set of braces, a born graph and i still have more to come in the future. Above all this there is a high level of emotional stuff that goes on for the families as well as bullying thought out my school years. Because i the bullying i now attend a flexi school. There are many things connected to having a cleft such as hearing loss and speech problems and many years of dental work.

The money i raise will help the Cleftpals to continue to supply families with there information packs and they hope to start a anti bulling programs for older people and there families effect by a cleft.

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity Miss Diamond Australia has given me.

If you want to find out more about this amazing charity head over to their website

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