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#MDA16 Full Results

Here are the full results for all of the awards for Miss and Mr Diamond Australia 2016.

Charity Fundraising -

Miss Junior Charity Fundraiser - Ayva Y

Miss Teen Charity Fundraiser - Roda A

Miss Charity Fundraiser - Nicole S

Mr Charity Fundraiser - Danny H

The Diamond Charity Award - Nicole S


Miss Junior Publicity - Destiny W

Miss Junior Public Choice - Destiny W

Miss Junior Social Media - Haylee S

Miss Junior Elegance - Savannah

Miss Junior Congeniality - Ayva Y

Miss Junior Beautiful Character - Destiny W

Miss Junior Runway Queen - Destiny W

Miss Junior Charity - Haylee S

Miss Junior Photogenic - Savannah

3rd Runner Up - Destiny W

2nd Runner Up - Savannah F

1st Runner Up - Ayva Y

Miss Junior Diamond Australia 2016 - Haylee Simpson


Miss Teen Publicity - Kayla T

Miss Teen Public Choice - Kayla T

Miss Teen Social Media - Roda A

Miss Teen Elegance - Erin L

Miss Teen Congeniality - Erin L

Miss Teen Beautiful Character - Kayla T

Miss Teen Runway Queen - Jazinda B

Miss Teen Charity - Kayla T

Miss Teen Photogenic - Erin L

3rd Runner Up - Erin L

2nd Runner Up - Roda A

1st Runner Up - Jazinda B

Miss Teen Diamond Australia 2016 - Kayla Thomas


Miss Publicity - Mollie M

Miss Public Choice - Dimity R

Miss Social Media - Louise D

Miss Elegance - Denika D

Miss Congeniality - Dimity R

Miss Beautiful Character - Louise D

Miss Runway Queen - Katherine F

Miss Charity - Karina C

Miss Photogenic -Jessica C

4th Runner Up - Mollie M

3rd Runner Up - Jessica C

2nd Runner Up - Nicole S

1st Runner Up - Kylie B

Miss Diamond Australia 2016 - Dimity Rustage


Mr Publicity - Hung P

Mr Public Choice - Danny H

Mr Social Media - Hung P

Mr Elegance - Jacob S

Mr Congeniality - Andrew H

Mr Beautiful Character - Hung P

Mr Runway King - Danny H

Mr Charity - Jacob S

Mr Photogenic - Kristian W

4th Runner Up - Kristian W

3rd Runner Up - Jacob S

2nd Runner Up - Danny H

1st Runner Up - Andrew H

Mr Diamond Australia 2016 - Hung Pham

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