About Miss and Mr Diamond International & Australia


When and where are the grand finals?


The  grand finals of Miss Diamond Australia are held in April every year on Southbank Brisbane. 


What are the age categories?


We have 6 categories: Miss Mini Diamond Australia - (Ages 6-9) Miss Junior (Ages 10-13) Miss Junior Teen (14-16) Miss Teen (17-19) Miss (20-29) Classic (30+) Master (6-15) and Mr (16+)


How much is it to enter?


There is no application fee. Successful finalists are required to find a sponsorship fee of $595. This can be paid by yourself, family/friends, a sponsor or a combination of all three. Your sponsorship fee includes your grand finalist pack, sash, crown and t shirt!


Do I have to provide my own outfits?


Contestants are required to provide their own outfits for each round. Except for the opening ceremony and charity round. 

Ive never competed in a pageant before, can I still enter?


Yes! Many of our contestants have never competed and alot of previous winners have never competed either - we give you full training at the finals.